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Killzone 2 Webgame - Join Us! [Update]


Killzone 2 Webgame Launch Video here. After you install the plugin, the Helghast will appear as your browsing the internet. Help us eliminate them! I created a clan for us called “PS3BLOG.NET”. Just enter that where it says “Join Exsisting Squad”. I just had a battle and it was pretty fun 🙂 You can disable the plugin at the top if your tired of battle. But I’ve had it installed for about 30 minutes so far and they only attacked once. So I’m not sure how often they show up.

There is a countdown that appears at the top, you must click “Join Battle” to start the game. Otherwise it won’t start. So it won’t just interrupt what your doing. Give it a try 🙂

If your concerned about installing the plugin at work, you can just disable it when “needed” 😉 I recommend using Firefox.

Check out our Squad Stats here.

In Battle controls

* Click “engage enemy” and its battle time
* Your cursor’s the crosshair and your browser is the battleground
* Click to fire your weapon
* Move the crosshair to the edge of the browser window to reload
* Get extra points – make the most of multipliers, head shots and hidden explosive devices to score extra points. Go get ’em

Squad Play

* Each squad has its own unique ID
* Invite friends to join your squad by giving them your ID (squads can contain a maximum of 4 players). They will need this when registering
* Engage the Helghast and the game will invite your squad mates to join you (their browser must be open and toolbar enabled)
* Squad members that accept will be transported straight to your battle
* The more players that join, the more each player scores
* Squad members can heal fallen comrades. Just click and hold on the cross symbol next to their name. Top left in your HUD


Boost your encounters:

Some sites trigger more encounters, try these:

Flickr – I got attacked a LOT at this site.
BuyKillzone (The link on the official Killzone webgame site)

Some other tips