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Killzone 2 - Battle replay

How the Killzone 2 website and the game interact together is awesome. For example the Battle Replay would be very useful if you needed to review a important tournament or clan match that you lost to see exactly what happened.

Battle Replays: You will be able to watch games as they unfolded, watch the troop movements and see who killed who and how. We’ll expand on this as time goes by. Right now you should be able to view a couple of Battle Replays created by internal testing of the site. Battle Replays are saved and displayed if at least 2 people played and completed a round and will for now remain on the site for two weeks.

Check it out in action here.

Here are some other things you can do from the website, I’m impressed.

Clans: You will be able to create and administer your clans from the page so you don’t have to be on your PS3 to see who wants to be in your clan or what the latest is on any upcoming games.

Tournaments: You will be able to set up clans from the site, just like in-game, but will be able to see the results and how they played out on the tournament wheel too.

Challenges: This offers the same functionality as the in-game, but of course lets you set up your battles remotely.

STATS!: We all love stats! And if the stats recorded in-game are not enough for you, we show even more here! Including match performance, a weapons cloud to show what weapons are used most and preferred faction.

Leaderboards: Same as in-game! See where you are from work!