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Games Night #8 - 25feb09

UPDATE: We have a couple people asking for R2, but nobody’s standing up to organize it. The rest of us will play something else, but we need more people to get a good group. Sign up!

Games Night #8

So next week we’re going to have our last games night before KZ2 happens. I think Games Night will convert to Killzone 2 night thereafer. 🙂

So I’m throwing it out there for all of you: what would you like to play? If anyone wants to play R2 someone else will hav e to put the game together, because Tosh and I don’t have it.

So put in your requests for your last non-KZ2 games night in a while! Put your list of games that you like to play online here. And reply to this post with your availability.

Games Night #7 Redux

Last night Warpdrive, cpfuzz2, xBerserker, and I got together to play some CoD4. HEAD_SHOTT forgot, again. I had a good time. First we played some TDM, then we followed up with some HQ, Sabotage, and finally Domination. To tell the truth, we didn’t do so well in some of the matches, but it was fun to end the evening on a win in Domination. We took flags A and B right away and never gave them up.

SPECIAL NOTE: We can get two matches going, depending on what everyone wants to play. For example, Tosh could start an MGO match and I could start a MotorStorm:PR match. So please reply with the games you have.