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Games Night #9 - 27feb09 - KZ2!

Games Night #9

This week is special, and we all know why. Killzone 2! The game comes out tomorrow, and I hope that my local EBGames actually has it tomorrow (sometimes us Canadians are forgotten). So if I actually have the game, I’ll be playing it tomorrow night, as I’m sure most of you will be. Look me up, and we can play together. [UPDATE: EBGames called and yes I’ll have the game Friday night.]

Speaking of which – please go to and log in using your PSN id. Then you can go to my profile, click on my name, and add me as a friend. For some reason KZ2 has its own friend system. Though I don’t know if the friends on has any in-game correlation. Anyone from Europe care to comment?

Next week, we’ll continue our weekly Wednesday games night as always, but we’ll be playing … you guessed it … Killzone 2! So if I don’t see you tomorrow night, hopefully I’ll see you Wednesday.

Who’s up for it?

Games Night #8 Redux

Last night Trieloth, HEAD_SHOTT, and I played some Burnout Paradise. HEAD_SHOTT had to do a massive Burnout update first, so he joined us after a bit. He Trieloth also brought some friends with him so we were about six people laying rubber on the streets of Paradise City. I had a blast and earned a trophy in the process. This game really is a lot of fun and doesn’t get enough press.

I had bought the KITT car, because I was a big Knight Rider fan as a kid. (Don’t get me started on the recent remake – what trash!) Man that car is fast! One of the challenges was to boost for 10 seconds. I had to use the brake a lot while boosting, or the car would have broken the earth’s gravitic field!