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Join Our KZ2 Clan: The Mockers

UPDATE 5: 23mar09: I’ll be uninviting some people who haven’t accepted their invites yet, so there’s room for more people if you’re interested.

UPDATE 4: 05mar09: I’m all out of invites. If you’ve been invited but don’t plan to play, please tell me. Also, if you’ve been invited but haven’t accepted yet, beware that an unaccepted invite is perishable! I’ll be purging you folk for others that want to join.

UPDATE 3: 02mar09:3PM:EST I just sent out a bunch more invitations, so check the clan area in the game to see if there’s an invite waiting for you. We’re up to nine accepted members, with a gazillion invites waiting for a reply. I hope to try a game on Wednesday night. Also, some of you have given PSN names that don’t work. If you’re expecting an invitation but haven’t received one, please reply to this post again and double-check the spelling. Thanks everyone!

UPDATE 2: The clan is slowly growing, but we still don’t have enough people to start playing one another. If you’re already in the clan, please be patient while we wait for more members.

UPDATE 1: Killzone 2 does not inform you, it seems, of clan invites. You have to go to the clan section to see that you’ve been invited. I have sent a lot of clan invites and many of them have not been acknowledged. Please check the clan area for an invite if you requested one.

Clan Name: The Mockers (Click on the name to go to our official clan page.)

Clan Official Name: Mockers, without the “The”. Even though I call it The Mockers here, when I created the clan name in the game I omitted the “The”. So it’s just “Mockers” if you’re looking for it online.

Clan Founder: Blackstaffer

Clan Name Origin: The Mockers was the name of a thieves guild in a book I read a long time ago. I liked it, and it stuck in my head.

Clan Purpose: To get a regular group of gamers together to play against one another. This clan is not about clan versus clan battles (though we may try that for fun). This clan is about getting to know a regular group of gamers that you can have fun with and feel familiarity towards. Team play will be emphasized and we will encourage squad tactics.

Clan Geography: In order to actually be able to play one another, we have to be online at the same time. Therefore, this clan is restricted to people in the Americas only (unless you’re outside of that region and are willing to play regularly at really odd hours).

Qualifications: The Mockers is for gamers who are, shall we say, twitch challenged. That is, people that know how to play the game, know how to achieve objectives, form squads, etc. But that just aren’t very good at it. Gamers who love to game, but just can’t do it all that well. This clan will accept all comers. But if it is obvious that you’re an elite soldier and you’re owning the rest of us all the time, you’ll be kicked. I want to put together a group of people who normally get very few kills in regular online matches, so that we can get more than just a few kills against one another.

House Rules: The Mockers is for mature players only. Not mature as in “old”. But mature as in… well… mature. No bad language. No tea-bagging. Etc. You get the picture. If you can’t behave like a civil human being, you’re out. Trash talking is okay as long as it’s light-hearted and unoffensive.

Joining The Mockers: Just reply to this post with your PSN id. I’ll invite you into the clan no questions asked. 🙂

What’s Next? We need to play! Obviously at first people will be online playing this game every night they can. But we need to settle into a routine. I was thinking that Wednesday night games night can change into KZ2 clan night.