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Mockers Game Night #1 Redux

Hey guys! First of all, thanks to all of you who joined. I just came upstairs now from getting sniped by rico in our first Mockers game night. 🙂 And Bunnyhero: you didn’t do as bad as you were suggesting!

Hopefully next time we’ll have even more clan members playing. I am now out of invites, I can’t send anymore. And about 31 of you have accepted, which is just great. To the rest of you: accept the clan invite or it might go away!

So I set up an open game, and we had a bunch of Mockers playing there, which was great. But eventually it was overrun by non-Mockers, so I set up a new Mockers-only game. I used my headset to communicate the fact, but I guess not everyone heard me, which is unfortunate.

The second set of games that were Mockers-only were a bit lobsided. With only six people playing, team makeup makes a big difference. But I still had fun, especially surviving Assassination with rico on the other team! 🙂 Right at the end there the teams were better balanced, but it was getting late for me.

The very last game was disconnected from the network right as it finished. GARGH! That was annoying. I had some hard won kills in there that I wanted the stats for. Ah well.

What did all you guys think? Any suggestions for improvement? Obviously I should make the game Mockers-only right from the get-go to avoid splitting the group. Sorry about that. Anything else?

Wanna make this a weekly thing? Biweekly? (I mean Mockers-only games. We can of course get together impromptu throughout the week.)