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9 KZ2 Improvements to Make

I love KZ2. It’s a great, nay, awesome game. I want to play it more and more every day. I think I’ll take a picture of my clan stats page and frame it and put it above my bed.

Far be it for me to actually complain about something, lest fanboys rush me and suffocate me with their bad grammar skills, but I will anyway. There are some little tweaks that would really improve the KZ2 experience. Here’s my list.

  1. You should get points for achieving objectives. Edit: I’ve been told that this is already the case. Maybe I just don’t achieve enough objectives to notice! 😛
  2. If there’s a message waiting for me, I’d like to know. You have to explicitly check your messages to see if there are any waiting for you, and most people, including me, just forget to do this. I have a feeling that this is why I’m still waiting for 33 people to accept their clan invites.
  3. I’d like to specify that I want to stay on the same faction as a friend. I don’t know if this should be done as a party system, which might be overkill, or what. I’d suggest that when you join a game by finding him in your friends list, that you get prompted about whether or not you should be put on the same side. Pretty simple and easy solution.
  4. When in the spawn screen, you hit X to enter the game. But not if you’re selecting your character class or setting up squads. I’d like to be able to reenter the game from any screen.
  5. I would like the game to remember squads from one map to the next.
  6. Dropping just one health pack, and the long regeneration time, make health packs pretty worthless. I wish the regen time was faster, or that you can drop two health packs before regen begins.
  7. Switching tabs should be faster. Map screen, character class, faction, and squads. It takes way too long to switch between them when you want to get back into the game and need to do a tweak.
  8. If you’re dead (unrevivable), you should be able to go to the spawn screen to wait out your 8 seconds, so that you can make adjustments.
  9. Leave the turrets and air support alone! Some people have complained that they’re underpowered, but I think that’s a good thing. Your score should reflect your ability to kill players and achieve objectives, not the fact that you know how to hold down the DPAD to create a turret. (Ok, this isn’t a change, but I had to get this out of my system.)

I would have added “ban snipers” to my list, because I don’t like snipers in any game, but then I’d really be in hot water.