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SNIKT! Berserker Rage!

Check out the new gameplay trailer below, it’s looking great! You can even deflect rockets with his claws! The graphics itself look amazing too. They are using the unreal engine. This seems to be shaping up to be the first TRUE Wolverine game. You can play stealthy or just go berserk and rip everyone apart.

Some highlights from the live chat, and there will be a demo at some point.

Wolverine doesn’t die — but he can fall unconscious — we’ve developed a system of “Health and Vitals” — your main health is represented by your skin and muscle layer — once that gets ripped away your “vitals” are exposed. If your vitals take enough damage then Wolverine will drop unconscious just like he does in the comics. It is AWESOME to see all the muscle and skin heal up in real time, it was a major focus on development early on

Wolverine’s claws come out when ever you attack — you can sheathe them, but that’s just for fun, because as fans we wanted to add that in. You heal whenever you aren’t taking damage.

Yes I’m a huge fan of Wolverine — the moment in the game I’m most proud of, the moment we said from the beginning we had to get in — was the fight with the Sentinel — he is a 200 foot tall mutant hunting robot and Wolverine has to fight him one on one! It is everything a Wolverine geek has always wanted. I also love the free fall fight with Agent Zero’s helicopters.

Someone not sure of buying this — this is not just a great movie game but a great action game — I KNOW people are going to think other action games feel sluggish once they try Wolverine. People are going to be begging to lunge at enemies from 40 feet away, wishing they could move as fast and smooth as Wolverine.

The enemy you saw is a “Goliath” if you do the “Quick Kill” move on him, you rip his arm off and beat him with it.

The other favorite “Quick Kill” in the game for me personally is when you force the enemy’s shotgun under his chin and …. blam!

Video: Wolverine is one angry, awesome dude

There is a pre-order bonus for the game as well. It’s called “The Dismemberment Room”. Sound like fun 🙂 Details below.

Inside the Weapon X Area you’ll encounter:

* The Dismemberment Room: “Using a control panel, this room lets players select various limbs and body parts on a holographic soldier. Once the selections are locked in, the soldier appears in a tiled room viewed through a glass wall. The selected limbs are severed with spectacular results.”
* The Environmental Kill Room: “This large room features small set-ups of each of the various environments found within the main game. All of these environments contain sharp objects on which Wolverine can impale his enemies. By pushing a red button, players can teleport in a group of soldiers and hurl them against the sharp objects to see them creatively skewered.”
* The Ladder Challenge Room: “Pushing a red button will cause a group of enemies to beam into the room. Each time the red button is pushed, the enemies get tougher and more numerous, laddering up the challenge for Wolverine.”
* The Custom Combat Arena: “This huge space lets players select any combination of enemies from within the game, beam them into the arena, and attempt to defeat them. Face ten hulking Leviathans or a blend of towering W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototypes, Machete Champions, and Machine gunners.”

Wolverine pre-order bonus: Dismemberment Room, other ‘unique toys’