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A NEW Type Of Shooter?”

First and third person shooters are one of the most popular genres in gaming. There are generally two types of shooters that most gamers play.

  • “twitch” like COD franchise
  • “tactical” or “non-twitch” shooter like Rainbow 6 franchise

Both game types draw in  general fans of shooters. You know the guy who just loves the thrill of being under gunfire and fighting their way out, but both game types also have a very loyal fanbase.When deciding what type of shooter one may want to play you have to know that one big deciding factor is patience.

The tactical shooter is a more patient game then you twitch shooters like COD. Running and gunning happens but generally to really experience the full effect that a tactical shooter can provide one needs patience. Moving from cover to cover or finding a snipe point and waiting for the enemy to come to you. The twitch shooter is a more frenzied, run and gun style where the gamer finds the enemy. Generally, there is cover in twitch shooters but not many gamers use it. Having differing types of games is why the first person genre is so amazing.

Games like Killzone 2 really add a level of both types of games into one. With the differing map sizes and classes you really have the best of both worlds. You have the engineer and assault classes custom built for run and gun play. Then you have your saboteurs and scouts that rely on the ability to find the best position or infiltrate the enemy camp. This plays into both twitch shooters with the fast run and gun style and more tactical shooters with there patient make every kill count style. Games like Killzone 2 are the future of first person shooters. A game that reaches out to both fan bases and brings them together for some good ‘ol fashion killin! As shooters evolve the different types of game play, twitch and tactical will gain more or maybe less fan base, but hopefully with games like a Killzone 2 more gamers will come together for the best of both worlds!  It really comes down to what type of shooter suits you?

Guys its my first post so please comment and tell me what you think. My PSN is TCCCCnME. See ya on the battlefield!