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Infamous Trailer

The new Infamous trailer is looking very promising:

This game has been in development for a long time and is the first PS3 title from Sucker Punch Studios (known for the Sly Cooper platforming series on PS2).

Also, interesting details regarding soundtrack:

“Throwing out all conventional standards of traditional music production, the team instead turned to real-life objects and materials found in urban environments to develop an innovative score that is equal parts Stompâ„¢ and experimental sampling.

In order to play into the gritty and disjointed nature of InFAMOUS’ environment the score was created from the innate sounds that one might find in a dilapidated city. A mix of traditional percussion and non-percussion instruments and objects were utilized, often played or ‘prepared’ in nontraditional ways – bungie cords were stretched across a concert bass drum and strummed, wire brushes were beat on a suspended tuba, shakers were constructed of broken glass, etc. Collaborating and sharing with all artists intensively, these sounds were recorded and produced by Sony’s internal music team to create the intense, combat oriented music for the game as well as the ambient musical effect of the city’s anguish.”

The tech and art look great, the music sounds interesting, and the studio has a great reputation, but how will the game play? Will this be standard GTA like mission trees and side quests? I’ve heard there are RPG-like character development elements?