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Mockers Night #2 Redux #2

I have to think of a different way of naming my posts! Mockers Week? Mockers three-in-a-row? Oh I dunno.

Last night I only played for an hour with you guys but I still had a blast. First of all, thanks for getting killed by my Air Support. That thing is hard to get kills with, but at least five of you managed to sit in its crosshairs long enough last night. Or maybe you were just buttered up by someone else’s lead first. Either way, I got a ribbon for it, so thanks! Seven more to go!

Second, it looks like Ostrowalker’s problem was indeed his headset. He’d been playing a bit before our Mockers game started, and he had no problems. He put on the headset so that he could talk with us and BAM – problems. Any suggestions? Do you have to forward some ports? Does putting the PS3 in your router’s DMZ help? Anything?

Third, I turned off game balancing last night. Please don’t abuse this feature. For a while, it was five against three, which isn’t very fair. I turned off game balancing in case there was a situation like the night before where three good people were playing two not-so-good people. One person could switch sides and make the teams more even. Please try to play fair.

Fourth, it’s nice to see people starting to use squads. And I’m glad that I’m not the one that always has to create them! Once we have more people in each game, I think we can start thinking about moving about as a squad. But our games recently haven’t had enough people for that.

Fifth, I have a question. Do you guys like playing smaller games with just Mockers + friends? Personally, I like actually having some time to think and be able to actually pick up the propaganda speaker for once. In 32 player games, I don’t get a chance. Playing these smaller games gets me more ribbons. But I was wondering what you guys think? Would you prefer if I opened up the games to people who aren’t Mockers or friends to make them bigger?