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Mockers: The Weekend Edition

The Mockers can’t get enough of Killzone 2, so Henning asked me to help organize a few matches over the weekend.  Matches will be held on:

Saturday March 14th at 4PM (EST)
Sunday March 15th at 11AM (EST)

Games will run for as long as people want to play or pass out from exhaustion.  Saturday will be fairly standard small maps, but hopefully if attendance increases we can include Pyrhuss Rise to the rotation.  I’d like to solicit feedback on whether or not people would like friendly fire turned on.  I like to have it on, but I can see how it might be frustrating for newbies.

The matches will be password protected, as a few of my friends may be joining.  The password will probably be the same as the ones this week, but if you have problems getting in, check the clan motd.

It’s a little late, but I’d also like to have a match tonight as well, perhaps immediately after Battlestar Galactica.  You DO watch Galactica, right?  Assuming there is enough (I’ll take any) interest in the comments section, I’ll start one tonight as well.  No shows aren’t a big deal, since I can always hop on public servers.

As always, bring your headsets and create squads in game.

Edit:  I don’t have a spiffy caricature, so this is doshin (doshin730 on PSN).  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or run into any problems.  If you have questions, join my squad in game and ask away.  I’ll try not to mislead you too much.