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PlayStation Eye … where are the games?

PlayStation Eye

There has been very little support for the PlayStation Eye. I loved the idea of “The Eye of Judgment”, it’s just not my kind of game. Then the rest of the games are just mini games on the PSN or “art” games. Which is fine, but I haven’t heard of new games in development for it.

Edit – Here are some Games in development I forgot about:

Eyedentify (Thanks Stephen, I couldn’t think of the name)

The free video editing software for the PS Eye available from the PlayStation Store is fun. I mainly use the stop motion option, it’s very fun and easy to do. I animated Wall.E rolling across the floor and transforming into his cube 😛

I would like to see a PS3 Bundle with the following.

Official PlayStation Headset
PlayStation Eye
A code for some PS Eye games of the PSN Store

Right now the PS Eye alone is about $32 – $40.

What I really like is how they incorporated the PS Eye into Burnout Paradise, that’s a perfect way to use it. I wish more games used the PS Eye. It’s also handy as a extra mic in case your bluetooth one runs out of juice. It actually works quite well too. But mine just sits on top of the HDTV pretty much unused right now. Oh, and it’s fun to use it as a surveillance camera via remote play 😉