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Street Fighter 4: Unaccessible?


Is this game completely unapproachable to newcomers?

First, the controls: while the rest of the industry is trying to make controls more intuitive, natural, and accessible, fighters have gone in the complete opposite direction. The controls are obtuse, hard to learn, frustratingly difficult to execute, and it’s supposed to be that way. This is done to give players a sense of real “skill” and accomplishment, but to most players this is just a pointless chore. These moves require several coordinated button presses and demand absolutely perfect timing and it’s sure to be maddeningly frustrating to all but the most devout players.

Secondly and more importantly, when are you supposed to perform which move and why? Basically, how do I play the game after I’ve learned the controls? The game doesn’t make the slightest attempt to explain this at all. The fundamentals of the game are kept shrouded in mystique. There are some very basic modes to help you learn the controls, but the game doesn’t make even a passing attempt to help you understand the game beyond that.

There is a lot of promise behind the core idea of a reflex-based one-on-one “duel” game. But that core game is hidden behind such an impossible learning curve, that few will experience it.

If single-player shooters have been excessively dumbed down to appeal to the masses, fighters are stubbornly refusing to make any concessions towards new players.