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Mockers Night #3 - Please Play!

Update: We are looking for more members! I will be revoking about 10 invites soon. See here for what the clan is all about. If you can join our regular weekly games, and you’re not a hot-shot gamer, consider joining!

I think we should get into a groove with Mocker games. So let’s get together this week at the same times as we did last week:

Tuesday @ 10pm EST
Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Thursday @ 10pm EST

The password is mentioned in the clan’s Message of the Day. Feel free to invite friends to play. I might actually be on before 10pm tonight, but all the action officially starts at 10.

I ask that clan members please join these games. There are 52 of us in the clan, so we should be getting more than just eight people playing. I’d like to see some eight versus eight battles going. If you’re a member of The Mockers but don’t regularly play with us, I ask that you consider leaving the clan.

TCCCCnME: you asked about a 8v8 or 5v5 tournament. What do you mean? A battle against another clan? A tournament within the clan?

Sinlock: I don’t know why you said you’re not in the clan. You are. As to your connection problems, try putting your PS3 in your router’s DMZ. (This will require that you give your PS3 a static IP address.)

alirezas: You have an invite.