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Why Blu-rays are Better than DVDs

I just saw this rather frustrating article at IGN which talks about why DVDs are better than Blu-rays.

Here’s what they have to say:

It’s Cheaper Than Blu-ray

Maybe if you buy movies, but I rent. So for me, the cost is the same. But the cost of buying is coming down, it won’t always be like this.

Mo’ Technology, Mo’ Problems

I haven’t had any problems. Actually, I have fewer problems with rented Blu-rays, because they’re harder to scratch. So while many a DVD will give me problems, I don’t have any problems with Blu-rays.

You Already Own A Ton of DVDs

I don’t know why they make an issue of this. They say that you have to buy a new version of the disc again on Blu-ray. Says who? Buy whatever version you like. Or maybe only buy new content on Blu-ray, and keep your old content on DVD. Or maybe, get this, you could rent!

Up-Conversation Really Works

What do they mean by “works”? Here’s what they mean: “That said, most people […] have already invested a lot of money in a respectable DVD library and dread the idea of forking over the cash to re-up their collection as they once might have done in the latter days of VHS.” Isn’t that just a rehash of the previous point? How can they make two points out of one?

And if you’re really going to talk about up-conversion, then do so! An upconverted DVD does not look as good as a Blu-ray. No way, no how. So I’m gonna stick with the Blu-ray.

You Can’t Get That on Blu-ray

Ah, finally a point that makes sense. Sure enough, there are some movies that you want that aren’t available on Blu-ray yet. But they will be…

Blu-ray is A Stop-Gap

IGN says that downloadable movies will eventually replace physical media. Maybe, maybe not. I’d be willing to rent over the wire. But to own a movie, I’d still like the hardcopy in my hands.

My Conclusion

I think that maybe these guys have an axe to grind. They’re making up stuff to make Blu-ray look bad. I like Blu-ray. I watch movies on Blu-ray all the time. And I love it.