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Mockers Games Week #4

killzone2_smallHi everyone. On Saturday Doshin arranged a game and there were six of playing. It was a load of fun, but I understand why 2pm on a Saturday is a hard time to make. Usually I wouldn’t have been able to make it, except that my wife had the kids out.

There are over fifty members in the Mockers, yet I seem to be meeting the same ones online all the time. Maybe a group of ten or twelve of you. It’s great that you are playing, and I don’t want you to stop. What I want is to see all you others out there that are members but that aren’t playing. The purpose of a clan is to get together and play. I’d like all of you who don’t play with us to please make some time to play.

If you’re a player with a 0.4 k/d ratio, you shouldn’t be afraid to come out and play with those of us with higher ratios. Mine is 0.74, but I know that I’ll die in a confrontation with Doshin more often than not. Which makes it much more satisfying when I actually do kill him. 🙂

One game of 3 versus 3 on Saturday was pretty lobsided, and it wasn’t that much fun getting pummeled. But it’s always a learning experience, and you have to remember to try something new. I sometimes get into a rut and do the same thing time after time. I’ve heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, expecting a different result. So trying doing things differently. Use a different weapon. Use a weapon differently. I recently discovered that shooting my Saboteur’s weapon in bursts is a lot more effective than holding down the trigger. I’m also trying to aim at the head more, though it’s difficult. Try taking a different route. For example, I discovered that if you’re a Helghast on Blood Gracht, there are three ways out of home base, not two, as I initially thought.

So those of you who aren’t playing with us, please join us. We want to play together. If the times we play aren’t good for you, then suggest alternate times and we’ll try to oblige.

Time for gameplay this week:

Tuesday @ 10pm
Wednesday @ 9pm
Thursday @ 10pm

If nobody has set up a game, feel free to set up a game yourself. I discovered last week that games I set up can be laggy. So it would actually be better if someone besides me set up a game. Don’t forget to set the password to ‘mock789’, and to allow all players, not just ones at your rank.