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Vuze Adds PS3 Support


Vuze announced PS3 support today. Basically, this is a P2P video sharing YouTube-like service with a focus on high-definition video. You install their free client software on a PC or Mac, download videos to that system, and the client software hosts those videos over your local network using PS3-recognizable network sharing.

If you don’t mind using a PC as a network bridge like this, there are several other options: PlayOn is a popular one that provides a PS3-friendly network access to local video content as well as free video content from Hulu, CBS, YouTube, CNN, ESPN, and if you have a Netflix subscription, you can use PlayOn as a network bridge to the Netflix movie download catalog.

YouTube + Hulu Direct Access

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s worth mentioning that you can access YouTube and Hulu video content directly from the PS3 web browser. YouTube has an experimental web interface optimized for the PS3. Hopefully we will see native PS3 clients to these types of video services in the future.