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The Last Remnant?

A Wired journalist asked Square Enix about the PS3 version of this game:

I decide to ask a question.

“The Last Remnant,” I said, “was originally announced to be Square Enix’s first multi-platform game. But the PlayStation 3 version hasn’t come out yet. Is it still happening?”


No one wants to speak. Finally, someone ventures: “Well, the PC version came out this week.”

Me: “Yes, it did.”

More silence. Everyone’s kind of glancing around.

Takai: “Well, as for the PS3 version, I can’t say anything about that.”

Me: “Alright, then.”

What’s going on seems pretty obvious:

  1. Microsoft paid for timed exclusivity. (Nothing wrong with this by the way. This is how the console war is played).
  2. A stipulation of that deal is that Square does not publically speak about the PS3 version. Otherwise, that would kill the buzz of 360 exclusivity.
  3. Another stipulation is that Square doesn’t speak about the deal itself. Specifically, they can’t say “Oh, we can’t talk about the PS3 version because of our deal with Microsoft”. That would just look terrible.

So when a journalist asks them about the PS3 version, there’s nothing they can say and awkward silence ensues.

Also, this game got a 65 on Metacritic… Review scores are often far off (Manhunt 2 is one of my favorites and it got a 67), but I can’t say that I am excited to try this out.