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Resistance 2 Splitscreen Co-op, Redux

A while ago I posted my impressions of Resistance 2’s splitscreen capabilities, mostly the co-op. The major complaint I had, and the reason why I decided not to buy the game, was because the second player’s progress wasn’t saved.

Well, Insomniac recently fixed that problem, so I picked up a copy of Resistance 2. (I had previously rented the game.) Steve and I played splitscreen co-op for about four hours last night.

While it’s very nice that Steve can log in using his PSN id, and that progress is now saved, there are still problems.

Some problems are “why did they do things that way” problems. Like the fact that, once a mission is complete, you have to basically start from the main screen again and choose your character classes again. Why can’t it just let us continue? Or the fact that we have to do five missions in Chicago, all of which will have a lot of areas common with each other, before we can progress. It would be nice if it gave us different areas of the city to do our missions in for each of the five.

Other problems are “is that a problem or not?” kind of problems. Last night Steve and I accumulated gray tech as we went through the levels. But at the end of the day, it said that we had accumulated 0/5 gray tech towards progressing out of the Chicago level. What’s up with that? As newbies, maybe it’s just a matter of being educated.

Some problems are annoying, but don’t affect gameplay. Like the fact that, at the end of the mission, it tells us player one’s experience points progress in a progress bar, but not player two’s progress.

And lastly, there are some problems that do affect gameplay. I started the evening with a medic at level 2.8 (approximately). I ended the evening with a medic at level 2.4 (approximately). What’s up with that? I remember both seeing a progress meter that went past the end, and also being told that I had leveled up to level 2, even though I already was a level 2. That’s quite frustrating.