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Mockers Week #5 - Bots!

killzone2_smallHey all. This week we have something new to play with, if things go to plan. Tomorrow morning the next Killzone patch will go online, and it includes bots! I thought we could try some human versus bots games to learn some teamwork.

So we have to do things a bit differently. One thing that won’t change is the times:

Tuesday @ 10pm EST
Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Thursday @ 10pm EST

The games I create always end up being laggy, so if someone else is online at around the times mentioned above, and there is no game, could you please create a game? Here’s what to remember:

  1. Please name it something like “Mockers VS Bots” or “Mockers + Friends”.
  2. Don’t forget to allow gamers of all levels to join, not just those of your rank.
  3. The password should be the same as always, which is mentioned in the Mockers Message of the Day within the game.
  4. Enable bots!
  5. Turn team balancing off.

Supposedly you can set up a humans vs bots game. I think this is done by turning team balancing off, and having all the human players choose a faction. (Is that right?) So everybody who joins the game should choose ISA, and hopefully the bots will all be Helghast. Anybody know how this actually works?