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Mockers Week #5 Redux

UPDATE: See below under Wednesday and Thursday. Plus, would you guys like me to use the forums for this kind of thing, or continue using

killzone2_smallAbout Tuesday: Well that didn’t work, did it?

I bowed to the pressure and made it a non-bots game so that everyone could get more stats. But it ended up being a three versus three game like any other. I forgot (again) to make sure my headset was charged. Doh!

Did anyone notice any lag?

I can’t say that I was pleased with the spawn camping either. It’s not fun to exit your spawn area to find a turret and two enemies lying in wait. Thanks guys.

Tonight I think I’ll go with my original instinct and we should play some humans versus bots.

About Wednesday: Thanks everyone for showing up! I think it was a mild success. We were all in squads together and sometimes we even backed each other up. I think the main problem was that the bots were too easy to kill. Maybe some Elite bots next time. Next time I hope we can all try to stick together with our squads a little more too.

After most people left, Hentaku, xBerserker (for a while), and I played another game against seven bots. We upped the difficulty to veteran (AFAIK, I didn’t set up the game). We still won.

I was just talking to TCCCCnME, and he said that he didn’t realize that we had left the game to create a new one with tougher bots. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. We were discussing it in the lobby, but I guess not all of you heard that. Even if you don’t have a headset, you should be able to hear conversations if you have your accessory settings set up correctly. The lesson is that if you see people leave a game, wait around for a bit and see if they’ve set up a different one.

About Thursday: I mention what’ll happen tonight in this post.