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Comet Crash Impressions


Tower Defense/Offense Game

This is more of an RTS (real time strategy) game since there is offense as well as defense. This game plays like an overhead version of Rescue Raiders or remakes like Armor Alley or Glory Days.

In addition to building towers, you accumulate attack forces at your base. When you launch them, they automatically march towards the enemy base without your control, so there is no unit management like in most full-blown RTS titles. The enemy also builds the same towers and launches the same enemeis that you do.

Bullet Points

  • Local/Offline Co-Op Play and Competitive Play. Co-op makes these games so much more fun.
  • This game is unfriendly to SDTV sets. It’s still completely playable, but there is lots of text that is impossibly blurry to read. Most PS3 games don’t have this problem. (I’m getting ready to buy a super-fancy new set. After waiting this long, getting a massive upgrade across my entire game library should be orgasmic).
  • Game complexity is definitely between most tower defense games and most full blown RTS titles and the learning curve is in that same range.
  • Computer AI is designed to be beaten by long slow careful strategic build ups. Some players love this style of play and others prefer more fast-paced rush attacks.
  • If you like building tower-mazes, this game definitely has that.
  • Game seems very well balanced.

Compared to Other Tower Defense Titles

  • Free Flash Games: There are dozens of good free flash Tower Defense games. Most good pay titles, such as this one, have better graphics (nothing great, but they aren’t amateur), more polish, and a bigger feature set.
  • PixelJunk Monsters: Great game. Personally, I prefer Eden, but I’m definitely in the minority on that.
  • Savage Moon: Plenty of good stuff here, but this game has balance problems, and just isn’t as addicting as something like this (Comet Crash) or PixelJunk Monsters. Also, this lacks co-op support.


Wish List

Someone make a spiritual successor to Rescue Raiders with tons of gameplay enhancmements and both co-op and competitive Internet play. That seems like an ideal target. It’s fairly easy to make like tower defense games, but it’s different enough to stand out from the crowd.