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MAG Comments


SCEA John Koller had a few comments regarding MAG:

“It’s basically like an iteration of SOCOM, where you’re maybe commanding the SEALs, and someone else has the Rangers, and the Green Berets, and so on,”

Wow, that sounds like the most boring game concept of this generation. Different teams, military theme, guns… How innovative.

I am hoping for more of an iteration of the PC game PlanetSide than an iteration of SOCOM. I’ve never played the PS2 glory SOCOMs, but from what I gather, it was basically a console version of Counterstrike: tactical military action, no respawns, and highly addictive. But that era has passed. The world has enough plain military shooters already.

I still imagine that Zipper is aiming for a bigger design concept. Maybe a more persistent world angle or MMO functionality or just a grander version of Battlefield? No way are they going to put out another generic and forgettable shooter.

“If you look at that competitively, it’s something that’s only possible on PS3.”

There is nothing magical about the computer hardware inside the PS3 and everyone knows it. What sets the PS3 apart from the rest is the amazing software lineup, the simplicity compared to a PC, and the flexibility and lack of vendor lock-in compared to a 360. Why do some Sony reps still talk like that? It comes across as out of touch and annoying.

We will see more on Zipper’s big PS3 debut title this E3 and I’m expecting much more than a mere SOCOM iteration.