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Why Nintendo is so Successful

The two popular theories I hear on this are completely wrong: price and gameplay innovation.

Price is a factor, but people ultimately decide on what they want first and figure out how to afford it second. By now, even the most ardent enthusiast fans of the Wii will admit that it is dead last in game quality. The motion controller that was supposed to be a revolution has thus far been underwhelming.

EARTH TO GAME INDUSTRY: Society does not like you.

Parents are afraid that if they buy their kids a game console that they will turn into some kind of horrible, pale, overweight basement vampire. Socially conscious adults take pride in their career achievements and exercise regimens, but shamefully hide their passive butt-numbing leisure activities.

Video games aren’t a stimulating hobby to spend more time on, they are a lazy vice enjoyed in moderation. People listen to what the couch potato connoseuirs are excited about and disassociate themselves by heading in the opposite direction.

Nintendo sells the pleasure without the shame.