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SCEE CEO David Reeves To Retire


SCEE CEO David Reeves announced that he is retiring at the end of the month.

Glancing at his bio, he is more than the typical sales/marketing/mba business type: He has a PhD in Astrophysics and Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University and he speaks English, French, and German fluently. It’s very rare (but inspiring) to see PhD-types rise to high level business positions like that.

He had a surprising comment regarding his retirement:

“Secondly, I am going to spend my time now trying to repay society for all I have taken from it. If your children are having physics lessons at the local school or wondering why their ski instructor is very elderly, your car mechanic has a bad back, or the social worker keeps bringing you PSP games, then it could just be me! Good luck to everybody at SCEE and everybody who continues to support us.”

He easily made many millions during his time at Sony. Why would he even mention those cushy low-pay retirement jobs? Many retirees like low-stress jobs like that for reasons beyond the pay, but still… That quote doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a voluntary retirement decision.