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Killzone 1.24 Patch Details

From Guerrilla Games Producer, Seb Downie (link):

AI – Bots now skipping disabled/destroyed MGs in warzone when requesting mounted guns.
AI – Do not claim waypoints for the previous character when it’s dead.
AI – Fixes bots getting stuck trying to arm/disarm S&D object when mission is already over.
Campaign – Fix for potential progression bug in Salamun Bridge.
Clan – User name, not users clan displayed in rankings
Clan – Winning 10 Clan Challenges causes the user to become stuck on the medal awards screen.
Controls – Lean & Peak – Zoom hold on and out of ammo it switches between regular/scope view rapidly.
Cosmetic – Blue screen tint which indicates scout cloak is occasionally enabled and will remain indefinitely.
Cosmetic – White squares on the grenade counter merge together when displayed in 1080p
Create Game – “Badge Combination” option does not work properly
Create Game – Online – “clan only” presets apply even after a player leaves a clan
DLC – DLC pack 1 – ’Steel & Titanium’ support DLC – New Loading screens advertising the first DLC pack.
Exploit – Helghan Industries – Player getting out of map fix.
Exploit – Radec Academy – User is able to gain access to the roof when revived in a specific location.
Exploit – Reviving player stuck in wall collision can result in him spawning outside level
Exploit – Salamun Market – One sided wall allows people to be seen and shot from outside where they cant see or fire out
Exploit – Tharsis Depot – Player can get out of the “normal” play area and can get into some sniper/camp spots
Feature – Invite player from friendslist Feature – Join Clan Member list added.
Feature – Join Game – 17-24 players filter.
Feature – MP – Moving while seeing scores after pressing SELECT
Feature – The radar/map now has a larger radius
Feature – Three additional ’Harcore’ Ranks added to the top limits.
Front-end – Add support to display more than 8 maps when creating a game /challenge/tournament
Front-end – Sorting ascending and decending ranks working better in ’Rankings’
Front-end – When in a squad, the Valor Trophy is visible in the Squad Tab, however the users rank is not being displayed on top of it.
Mods – Official tournament to be displayed first followed by custom created tournaments
Mods – Additional functionality made avalable to the in-game moderators.
Network – Server side fix for full games being displayed incorrectly.
Network – User is unable to use the ’Join Clan Member’ tab due to Network Error Code 20002.
Online – File-synching with the Japanese release of Killzone 2 on the 23rd of April.
Sound – Turret placing sound continues when killed.
Stability – Crash when synching gamestate after a full mapcycle
Stability – Hang on a screen with a blank message window just before a message appears.
Stability – Reducing the load on the server related to syncing the buddylist
Stats – If a clan wins 24 Clan Challenges and goes to the result screen, the medal acquisition screen, which normally displays when you win 25 games, will display.
Stats – Number of air-support grenades used by tacticians does not add to the stats of joined user correctly.
Stats – Number of spawn-grenades used by tacticians does not add to the stats of joined user correctly.
Stats – User sometimes does not receive 1000 valor award when winning 10 Clan Challenges.
Text – % character not displayed correctly on the creating game dialogue box after selecting to create game.
Text – If a client receives an invite from a clan which has a ’$’ character in the clan name, the recipient will get kicked
Text – Minor Italian localization fix.
Text – Minor Japanese localization fix.
Tournament – Game decides winner if one of the two teams doesn’t spawn in
Trophies – Fix for Wargod trophy unlocking pre-maturely

This should be coming out along with the first multiplayer map pack, this week.