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Uncharted 2 Multiplayer


It’s official. Uncharted 2 will have a full set of multiplayer co-op and competitive modes. Trailer here, video interview here.

From here:

  • The beta version allows you to play at the same level shown so far, a citizen of Nepal, both by co-operating in multiplayer.
  • Both modes can not be played in split-screen, but only by exploiting the connection online.
  • The co-operative mode is playable with up to 3 players: Nathan Drake , Chloe Frazer and third more like a guide of the place
  • The co-operative story is different from single-player story
  • Mini-bosses are present in each section
  • You can help another player before he dies
  • Players will revive after a few seconds
  • Multiplayer mode you can play up to 8 players, 4 on each side
  • The missions available for the multiplayer mode are now 2:
    • Rid the territory by killing enemies (like ‘deatmatch’)
    • Retrieve a gold item (as a treasure) from the enemy territory and carry him safely in his (like ‘capture flag’)
  • Using the headset is very useful especially to overcome an important point. The weapons available are up to 2 (one gun and another one among rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher) and some hand grenades.

The first Uncharted is still one of the best technical showcase titles on the market and the game mechanics are extremely smooth and polished. I’m glad that they are really growing the game beyond the standard single-player, but there are a flood of great CTF/deathmatch shooters available. Will this differentiate itself? Either way, the single player is going to be worth pre-ordering the game for my tastes.

(thanks to Tosh for bullet-list)