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Open Remote Play Beta - Control your PS3 from your PC

Open Remote Play Beta

For this to work you will need a Intel based Mac and a hacked PSP. Pretty cool idea actually. For example say at work you don’t have wifi, with this you could connect to your PS3 now. If you try it let us know how it is. A Windows version will be available in about a week.

Open Remote Play How to:

1. If you have not done so already, register your PSP with your PS3 for Remote Play.
2. Copy the ORP_Export folder (it’s included) to your PSP under /PSP/GAME
3. Run Open Remote Play Export on your PSP. This will create a file on the memory stick called export.orp. Copy this file to your PC.
4. Run the ORP GUI and click on Import, locate and import export.orp. You will have to manually change the IP address of your PS3, by default it will be set to I keep two profiles, one for local LAN and another for when I’m connecting from the Internet. You can create multiple profiles by simply changing the Name field and clicking Save.
5. Click Import again, this time locate and import “keys.orp.” You only have to do this once for a new installation, or if there is a key update.
6. Select a profile, cross your fingers, and click Launch!

Dashhacker strongly encourages you read the included README.txt before proceeding; remember, this is beta. The API and Windows player will be available within a week.

Open Remote Play v1.0 BETA (for Mac OS X) Released