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The “Open Sony” Wishlist

Sony has expressed a desire to be a more “open” company and move away from proprietary vendor lock-in strategies. Side-stepping the major issue of the PS3 and PSP platforms themselves which are Sony’s proprietary crown jewels, here are some clear cut specific steps I would LOVE to see Sony take:

  1. Mac + Linux Support for all PC software. This is huge. Sony produces some great MMO’s, great creativity suites, and essential support software for their Sony Reader and PSP devices. Sony currently demands that the user use Microsoft operating system software in order to use these applications. The current consumer market is largely Windows only, but Sony is a major player with market shaping power in these fields, multi-platform support is well within their means, and it will buy them HUGE goodwill, even among Windows owners, which will ultimately translate into larger sales. Many people such as myself use Windows out of necessity, but are big fans of non-proprietary, non-vendor-lock-in technology.
  2. Pre-installed Linux on VAIO general purpose computers.
  3. Public SDKs for Game Developers: PhyreEngine and other related tools?
  4. Web Services. Make all game data (playtime data, play stats, etc) available publically through web services.