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Life with PlayStation gets updated to 1.10

The main update is a new channel called United Village. Right now there isn’t much there, but hopefully it expands quickly. They describe it like this “a project designed to provide an experience of sharing a sense of community and culture from locations around the world.”

  • Added support for adding and removing channels dynamically.
  • Added a local time display in the LIVE CHANNEL.
  • Updated Mood categories for automatic music selection.
  • Added support to enable Folding@home[TM] Expert Mode which disables all other channels and features that may impact simulation performance. Folding@home[TM] Expert Mode can be activated by navigating to: Options Menu > [Configuration] > [Folding@home].
  • I still think it’s strange that there isn’t more cities listed, you should be able to at least add your own. Google news has info for every city pretty much anyway. Only thing missing would be the webcam which isn’t a big deal.

    Life with PlayStation 1.10 update adds United Village channel