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PS3 Slimline Spyshots

Sony predictably denies these.


From member ehandlr:

  • The port access in the rear panel matches up perfectly to the current motherboard design. This doesn’t prove anything…but its of interest.
  • The leaks come from Maintek Computer located in Suzhou, China who does manufacture PS3’s. The company issued a cease and desist order on the the chinese website that first posted the images.
  • PSP-3000 leaked from the same manufacturer 3 weeks before it was announced. It is almost exactly 3 weeks until E3 as it is now.
  • Last a NeoGaf inside source known as “Sin”, who has given exact information on previous Sony annoucnments previously has stated this is true and they are looking at a September release

The final slimline model may look nothing like these prototype shots and I’m not expecting an E3 announcement but I am convinced that these are real and a slimline PS3 model is in active development.

To review:

  • Both CPU and GPU have already switched from 90nm tech to 65nm tech and 45nm tech should be in mass production this year.
  • Current PS3 motherboards are 2/3 the size of the original motherboard. New revisions will get smaller.
  • Current PS3 units use much less, much smaller, and much cheaper cooling apparatus since the electronics is generating less heat. This will continue with the move to 45nm tech.
  • The PS3 still uses large, full size blu-ray drives, while much smaller lighter blu-ray drives are widely used in new laptops.