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Fuel is scheduled to ship next week. This is an off-road racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world with a focus on different vehicle classes such as bikes, ATVs, buggies, and big trucks.

I hate to compare this to another game, but the concept and all the preview footage look quite a bit like Motorstorm. I loved Motorstorm (Pacific Rift is much better than the original btw), and I’m excited to see another quality off-road racing title.


  • Offroad racing featuring different vehicle classes (bikes, ATVs, buggies, SUVs, monster trucks)
  • Outlandish fantasy weather effects including tornadoes, sandstorms, and lightning storms. The particle effects look great.
  • Open World Exploration. For racing games, I prefer fixed pre-configured tracks with condensed action and scenery over giant open world exploration. I hope they can do this well.

The fantasy weather effects look decadent, the racing environments look diverse and fun, I’m a little skeptical about the open world exploration elements, but I’m hoping that they can pull this off and make another great racing title.