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King of Fighters XII & BlazBlue

Fans of 2D fighters are about to get their fill from two big production titles that have been in a long development cycle and are finally set to ship this summer:

  • King Of Fighters XII This is the first current-gen console fighter from SNK. The developers are aiming to make this the ultimate 2D fighting game. As opposed to more common place cel shading technology, KoF XII is using completely 100% hand-drawn artwork and animation.
  • BlazBlue This is the spiritual successor to the Guilty Gear series. While they have shipped several Guilty Gear up-port releases, this is their first game that is fully designed from the ground up for current-gen HD systems.

Both of these games take the competitive one-on-one fighting genre very seriously and these should be very well crafted titles.

Custom KoF Fighting Sticks

There are two new sticks for KoF XII. They are PS3 exclusive and Japan only however they are regular USB and should be import-friendly. One is a six-button layout stick with custom KoF artwork and other is a four-button SNK black stick with no flashy artwork. KoF is designed for the four-button layout.