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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review


I got this game just before I went to see the Wolverine movie, which I give 4 out of 6 claws. I won’t get into that here unless you want to in the comments. I played it for about 20 minutes before I left to see the movie. So I got to see the intro CGI cut scene. Which was awesome, gory too.

The lunge attack is fun, you can cover a long distance very quickly. After you connect with your enemy can link into 3 different attacks: a throw, a jumping claw stab, or go into the mount position with several repeated stabs to the chest. Last is my favorite, it looks very brutal.

Real time healing is a real treat to see and a first for a Wolverine game. You can even see his adamantium skeleton if he gets hurt enough. It shows bullet holes, knife gashes, etc. I wish you could zoom in to see it in more detail. Only way to do that is to stand still and rotate the camera just right.

It’s tough to kill Wolverine actually, which is how it should be. If the action gets to intense you can just find a quite spot for a bit to heal up before you jump back into battle. Which thankfully doesn’t take to long to heal.

Puzzles are in the game, they do make you think. But aren’t to difficult. I like scaling walls with Wolverine. Wish you could do it on any wall though, ah well.


The various combos and grabs are easy to get used to and are fast too. You unlock more as you progress threw the game. Another way to attack is Fury Attacks and they use up your rage meter. There are 4 different Fury Attacks:

  • Berserker Mode: Wolverine’s attack and speed greatly increase, and he is harder to kill. This is my favorite fury move. If you use the Berserk Healing upgrade it can save you in some tough spots. There is another upgrade that makes the enemies scared of you, lol. Another plus you can use other Fury Attacks while in Berserker Mode.
  • Claw Spin: Wolverine turns like a tornado, slicing up his enemies.
  • Claw Drill: Wolverine flies forward like a human missile, grinding up all in his path.
  • Claw Tornado: Wolverine jumps/flips around, up to 3 times. Slicing anything in his path. Once you unlock this, it’s better to use this in a big crowd than the Claw Spin.
  • Their is another level up feature in the game and you can upgrade your skills as you go. Then there is Mutagens, you have 3 slots to boost Wolverine’s stats. Which can be changed at any time. In total there are 12 different Mutagens to pick from. See below:

  • Art of War: Damage boost from Combat Reflexes
  • Blood Rage: Wolverine deals more damage when near death
  • Experienced: Earn extra experience points from each kill
  • Healing Factor: Decreases cool down time before regeneration begins
  • Inner Rage: Earn extra Rage from each kill
  • Rampage: Increases Wolverine’s maximum Rage
  • Samurai: Build up Wolverine’s Combat Reflexes faster
  • Savage: Regain a small amount of health by dealing damage
  • Shredder: Increases damage dealt with Fury Attacks
  • Unstoppable: Reduces damage taken
  • Vitality: Increases Wolverine’s maximum health
  • You can also increase his stats with Reflexes. Killing enemies of a specific type will increase the “combat reflex level” for that enemy type. When maxed out at level 3 it will do more damage to that type of enemy.

    The “senses” mode or whatever they call it looks good. You can see faint foot prints when tracking people. While in this mode it has a scent trail that guides you to the next place you need to go. The enemies stand out, even the cloaked ones. The various spikes around the environment that you can use to kill your enemies glow green. This mode also makes it easier find hidden dog tags, and Wolverine action figures (which unlock alternate costumes) in the level.

    Bone Claws

    One thing that bugged me in this game and the last Wolverine game on the PS2. Why do they always think of a way to disable his mutant abilities? It’s stupid and it bugs me. Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. It doesn’t last for to long at least, which is ok I guess. Oh, another little thing that bugged me a little was Wolverine’s claws did the classic “SNIKT” noise when he had bone claws in the game, instead of the “SHLUNK” bone noise.

    I was disappointed to see no stealth sections in the game really. Wolverine is a great fighter, but he’s also extremely good has killing people silently. If it had that in the game I’d be opt to replay it more. It does tie in with the movie sometimes. It ends almost the same way the movie does.

    The large boss fights are fun at first, but you keep fighting the same 2 main guys throughout the game. They try to mix it up with the same type of boss with regular guys around or just 2 huge bosses at once, etc. But the sentinel fight was fun actually, I won’t spoil the details.

    Other “boss” battles are Sabertooth which is fun each time. Then there is gambit. It’s amazing how gambit can take so make damage from adamantium claws, lol. That part wouldn’t have bothered me if you where forced to fight him with his claws retracted instead. You where trying to get info from him, not kill him. The Blob fight was fun, it was very different from all the other boss fights. At last is Deadpool, it’s lame what they did to him. Anyway, it goes just like the movie pretty much, but Sabertooth doesn’t help you out.

    Their are not very many CGI cut scenes, the first and last cut scenes are the best ones. At least you can watch them again at your leisure from the main menu. Oh, a small detail I like is when you cut the walls they leave claw marks and they stay there too.

    So overall it’s a fun game. The kills are satisfying, the enemies are varied as you go threw the game so that helps. Graphic wise it’s great, Wolverine is very detailed too. The claws are done well and the environments look good too. But I spent most of the time in the “senses” mode so I wasn’t even looking at the world in a normal way, lol. It seemed like a fairly long game, I played it for just a couple hours a day. So it’s hard for me to tell. Is this the ultimate Wolverine game? No, but it’s pretty close. If your a Wolverine fan I’d pick it up.

    I give this game (5 out of 6 claws) or 80/100

    This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine provided by Activision Blizzard.