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Infamous Impressions


(These are Darrin’s impressions. See Henning’s impressions here)


  • Pick Up and Play
  • Lots to Do: There are only a few main storyline missions to choose at any one time, but there are tons of entertaining side missions scattered all over the city that all provide the player with various benefits. Most of the missions have some tangible consequence beyond just unlocking the next mission and next story-bit, which holds the player’s interest.
  • Great (but few) boss fights
  • Exploration and Acrobatics: It’s fun to scramble up buildings, grind across power lines, ride trains around the city, and just explore the city. As a player, it’s effortless to execute all the movements and acrobatics which keeps the core movement mechanics breezy and allows the player to focus on other things.
  • Narrative: The story is light-hearted fun. It’s at the good end of basic comic-book fare, but it’s easy to get into, and it’s very well delivered. Most of the story events have some noticeable impact on the play environment which makes them feel more real. For example, you might activate the train lines in a certain section of the city, or get a major bridge fixed, or choose a poster of your character that will be plastered all over town,
  • Electricity Theme: The game really takes the electricity theme and runs with it. There are so many different ways that your different electrical powers interact with the environment and it’s a a joy to discover and explore them all while you work on the different game objectives.
  • Good/Evil Morality: This is a very simple left/right binary choice. It’s a basic gameplay device, but it’s a pleasant addition and it gives the more serious fans a reason to play the game a second time.
  • Challenge: From playing through most of the game on hard, most of the missions are fairly easy, but very fun and even relaxing. In the later parts of the game, the difficulty scales up, and the game gets satisfyingly challenging but never frustrating. The game is very generous with frequent continue points.



  • Zeke: You have a best friend in the game called Zeke who is absolutely annoying. Most of the villain characters are entertaining, but this guy is the Jar Jar Binks of the game. I try to fry this idiot whenever I see him, but apparently he is immune.
  • No Big New Game Design Concepts: This game excels at tying the different game mechanics together, giving the player some flexbility, and make everything polished and fun. But all the individual elements are fairly standard among action games.
  • Minor Glitches: Nothing bad. I’ve slipped through the floor once and noticed some NPCs get temporarily stuck, and I’ve also seen some non-intrusive pop-in, but overall these are very minor.

Bottom Line

This game easily exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a good game, but this is great. This is easily one of the top open-world action game contenders and even one of the top single player experiences of recent years.