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Motion Control Wishlist: Head Tracking 3D Visor Display

After looking at all the motion-controller technologies at E3, most of the demonstrated gesture controls looks like they would work great in a Wii Sports style mini-game, but not in a full blown “serious” game. Most of the tech demos that were shown made the gesture controls look like they would get in the way rather than enhance a serious game. People underestimate how simple and effective boring old controllers can be.

However, motion control technology really does have the potential to be a game changer. Here is what I’m hoping for that unfortunately, none of the big three console makers are hinting at:

  • Head Tracking Visor Display that gives the player fully natural control over the player’s view.
  • 3D display technology (stereoscopic stuff like this)
  • Motion-Controlled light-gun or wand style peripheral for aiming/shooting
  • All of the above combined with new AAA 3D games.

Completely natural head-tracking 3D camera controls is a big deal. People move their heads to look around them and orient themselves in real life. Using that natural camera control rather than an artificial analog stick is a major increase in intuitive control and immersion and it’s applicable to almost every 3D game.

I remember the horrible “Virtual Reality” stuff from the 1990’s including Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, but even the skeptics have to admit that all of the underlying technologies have come a long, long way since those times.

What do you think? Would this work? Will the console makers do this? Will this require another wave of hardware systems?