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Can Motion Control Work With Today’s Games?

In an interview with CNBC, Jack Tretton said:

“Personally, it’s very difficult for me to perceive ‘God of War 3’ being played with the Wii controller,” he says. “It’s a different experience that doesn’t lend itself to certain types of games. [But] I think our [motion] controller can be used with every game that’s on the system now — and every game we’re working on.”

I don’t see how any of the motion controllers, including the PlayStation Motion wand, can be used for an action/adventure game. How do you do 180 degree turns and run back and forth without a stick or d-pad? Every one of the motion tech demos that we’ve seen and every motion-controlled Wii game involves playing a character that mostly stays still and looks forward (baseball, tennis, boxing, bowling type stuff). The PlayStation wand demos that allowed turning the camera 1-to-1, obviously had a limited turning radius due to the fact that the player needs to keep looking forward to the TV.

Can anyone else see how you might control a action/adventure type game such as God of War 3 with the PlayStation motion wand?