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Are Exclusive Games Overtaking Multiplatform Games?

Two years ago, most people were expecting platform exclusive games to fade out due to development costs and limited audience access as most new games shifted towards multi-platform releases. Now, it seems that the exact opposite has happened. Most of today’s big, high quality, games are exclusive to a particular hardware platform.

For example, looking at IGN’s best of E3 picks, they awarded 12 exclusive games and 4 multiplatform games. Gametrailers awarded 8 exclusive games and only 2 multiplatform games. (For this particular comparison, I’m counting PC/360 or PC/PS3 exclusives like like Alan Wake and Free Realms as exclusives).

Additionally, it seems like a lot of the third-party published multiplatforms games are just mediocre. There have been a handful of 2009 titles that I was really excited about, that previewed well, and came from respected studios, yet turned out to be big disappointments.

Personally, I’m a PlayStation fan and most of the games I’m excited for are PS3 exclusives, but even beyond that, it looks like most of the other games that look really good are exclusive to 360/Wii/PC/PSP/DS. There are still some great multiplatform games coming up (Red Dead Redemption is very high on my list), but compared with exclusives, there are just very few of them.

Would anyone disagree or does this seem to be the trend?