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Ghostbusters demo impressions.


Ghostbusters The Video Game demo went up on the Playstation Store today and I immediately tried it out. First things first the graphics are not as bad as i feared. After reading Eurogamer’s Face Off I was put off fearing PS3 owners had got an inferior product, there are noticeable v-sync issues though and the textures can look bland but this never detracts from the gameplay. First problems I had with the demo was the sound was the same volume wherever I was in respect to who was talking which detracted from the experience for me. I wanted their voices to get louder the closer i was and vice-versa. Next problem I had was with not knowing where to go, maybe i missed audio instructions but i found myself running into doors and using trial and error until i found the right path, which is incredibly linear. Throughout the demo there is only one path to follow, whilst it may twist and turn you always know you’re following the same tracks, perhaps even more so than in Call of Duty titles.

The good news is that you really do feel like you are part of the Ghostbusters, the Proton Pack is a joy to operate and trapping ghosts is awesome. This basically involves pummeling the ghost with your proton stream until they are weak enough to be maneuvered into the trap. You must then wrangle them into the trap like you would reel in a fish when fishing. Its intuitive and extremely satisfying when pulled off. The writing and story from this small section of the game is also brilliant and feels like it is part of the Ghostbusters’ universe, no doubt helped by the fact Ackroyd and Ramis wrote the script.

The demo seems to give a good indication of the full game’s single-player experience and it looks like one that is enjoyable but not long lasting as if the overly scripted level is anything to go by it will get incredibly repetitive to repeat it all. To me this game is definitely a rental or a purchase when it has been reduced in price as i don’t see enough value from this demo to warrant a full price purchase.