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Replayability and its fine uses.

I never play through a game twice unless the game was incredible. Not even achievements made me play through the game twice, because well, those are usually for only one playthrough anyway. That was all and dandy until trophies hit.

At first for me, they did nothing except for me to go back and play the game a different way than usual. And I could never finish an old fashioned RPG, and that’s my favorite genre. (Excluding the kingdom hearts series, and we’ll see with demons souls.) The way trophies changed replayability is this, it makes you play the game over again until you get the final ding.

For example, right now I’m playing through inFAMOUS and I have all the dead drops and i’m 40 shards away to having all of them. I’m pretty thrilled. Another example is Resistance 2, when you have to go back and play it through 3 times to get that platinum(which in fact to me is a bit ridiculous.)

And I also believe LittleBigPlanet changed it in a way also, by Play Create Share, instead of having to just play the story, you get people making more levels at your disposal. Or you can create your own, I don’t know how they do it in fact. So tell me, did anything change your way of gaming?