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More Killzone 2 Napalm and Cordite DLC Details

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, there’s going to be another DLC pack coming our way, entitled Napalm and Cordite. It includes the two new maps Suljeva Cliffside and Arctower Landing. Today, we have a few more morsels, including the above trailer.

Previously mentioned on the official blog was that the new DLC will bring two weapons into the multiplayer scene, carried over from single player. These are the VC1 flamethrower and Boltgun 4400 (my personal favorite). Here are a few details, according to the posting up on the official blog:

Both of these weapons radically alter the Killzone 2 multiplayer dynamic, delivering an experience that’s as fresh as it is intense. If you’re a veteran Killzone 2 online player looking to mix it up, or if you simply liked wielding these weapons in the single player campaign, Napalm & Cordite is your ticket. Look for it on the PlayStation Store July 23rd!

Now I just gotta find the money to get it! Also, IGN has an interview with Guerrilla Games about the upcoming map pack.