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An Opinion on Sony’s Face Recognition, the Eye and Marketing

I know it was mentioned earlier, but we have slightly more details.

Anyway, the controller apparently is able to perform facial recognition. Not only that, but it can do a variety of other things as well. IGN reports:

it was revealed that the technology can detect the position and direction of player’s heads, as well as their gender, age and certain facial gestures

Sony’s stated that the technology is already there. Not only that, but they also claim that their technology is more accurate than XBox 360’s as well. So now my question is, if this technology is so grand and spectacular, how come we never see anything beyond novelty games? In all truthfulness, I honestly believe it’s how this Eye was revealed to the public and the lack of advertising.

The PlayStation Eye never really had a ridiculous trailer showing the camera in “action” and magically scanning a skateboard deck, including the areas behind the fingers (watch the Natal trailer). Most of what Sony had were just a bunch of tech demos and only pushing Eye of Judgment really. Most of the software released seems like they’re only tech demos as well. Not only that, but has anyone seen any commercials, or ads, for the PlayStation Eye?

If Sony really wants to push this technology, they need to come up with some brilliant ideas to convince consumers (and developers) to buy and invest in these kinds of games. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll start seeing soon, because, since Microsoft revealed ‘Project Natal’, Sony finally seems to be pushing the technology. But is it too late? Sony attended the Develop conference in Brighton, England yesterday. Maybe they convinced developers to start developing these types of games? I hope so. Hopefully, third party developers who have started working on games for Project Natal will also develop the games for the Eye as well, so all of those won’t wind up being 360 exclusives.

In the end, though, I still feel this entire type of fad gaming is a bit overrated and will not last for very long. There will most likely be loads of shovelware (junk games, usually for a quick buck). The Wii, for instance, has lots of titles to play, but about 96% of them are shovelware! I still don’t know why it’s so popular! But here’s hoping Sony can pull this off and compete with both the Wii and 360 on a more successful level, but considering their lack of advertising and bad marketing as of thus far into the PS3’s cycle, it’s going to be a very steep climb. The nice thing is, 360 and PS3 have about even footing in sales, so I feel if Sony pushes the marketing and advertising of their products, sales would boom (especially if they released the Slimline models soon and introduced them with a price cut). They better do it soon, because the Holiday season will be here faster than you think!