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Wand is “two generations” ahead?

Sony’s Kish Hirani (head of developer services) and Paul Holman (SCEE’s vice president of research and development) were interviewed by Eurogamer and stated how advanced the ‘wand’ is compared to its rivals;

Eurogamer: So the level of precision and accuracy is greater than with motion controllers already on the market, i.e. the Wii remote?

Paul Holman: Oh, totally. It’s another generation forward, or even a couple of generations. I know in certain games or applications which are out there, people had to sort of fluff it to make it real for consumers. But this stuff is super-accurate and the impact of that is incredible. I think you have to play with it to realise what it will do to games.

In the rest of the interview they try to refrain from talking directly about their rivals but i couldn’t help but notice this. Its quite a bold statement and from the demo at E3 it does look like it can hold ground, but it remains to be seen if it is that much better than Microsoft’s Natal or Nintendo’s MotionPlus.