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John Carmack of id Discusses Blu-Ray Advantage

Carmack has discussed the advantages of the format, saying their upcoming titles Doom 4 and RAGE will most certainly be released on multiple DVDs versus one blu-ray disc. According to Camrack, here’s what’s going on with the game RAGE:

“We would love to set the thing up where it filled one Blu-ray disc versus three DVDs, which is about the right mix, but the game just…we can’t cut it into a third like that,” said Carmack.

“We can cut it into two pieces. We’ve got two large wastelands on there. We just couldn’t make an arbitrary cut.”

So, in other words, RAGE will be shipped on 2 DVDs and 1 Blu-Ray. The same can’t be said for Doom 4, which will definitely ship on 3 DVDs versus 1 Blu-Ray. Also mentioned was that, no surprise here, it’s definitely a lot easier to work on the 360 version, and it involves more “sweat equity” to develop for the PS3, but they did mention that the PS3 has more theoretical raw performance than the 360, giving id Software a little more headroom for optimal performance tweaks.