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No Splinter Cell planned for PS3.

Kikizo has an interview with Ubisoft, the developer behind Splinter Cell: Conviction, which is currently a XBOX360 exclusive. They are pitched the question of developing the game for the PS3 and reply interestingly..

Kikizo: So it’s nothing to do with the project being native to Xbox 360, and porting to the PS3 being too much hassle – it’s entirely a question of business.

Masters: Absolutely, yeah. Ubisoft as a company now has a lot of experience with PS3. Our processes, tools, techniques are very well-developed – we could absolutely execute on the PS3 if we had the opportunity, but like I said it was a business decision.

Seems bizarre to me after Ubisoft made great multi-platform titles like Far Cry 2 and Prince of Persia so I see no reason why they don’t invest in the Playstation platform further. I hope there is another reason for this and isn’t the trend for future Ubisoft titles. The full interview can be read here at Kikizo.