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Comic-Con news: New playable character revealed in Uncharted 2

The PlayStation booth on the floor has a three man game of capture the idol, the same type of co-op mode that was featured in the beta. This time though, Nathan, Elena and Chloe run around the courtyard level with the church in the middle, instead of the one with the shack houses and bamboo. Hidden somewhere in the level is a big gold doo-dad that needs to be retrieved, but between you and the treasure are a bunch of enemies.

The idea is pretty simple. Players run around, shooting, and beating the crap out of the bad guys, and a cursor shows them which direction the treasure is. It’s Uncharted though, so that usually involves climbing up the side of a building. The level was terribly big, so it didn’t take much time for me to run and gun my way to the treasure, snag it, and start dragging it back. Players are able to lob the hunk of gold like they would a grenade, which makes it easier to get down from the high ledges, as well as getting the treasure up onto higher areas (the drop point was two stories up).

What made the mode more interesting was that after players win the round, it starts again, but with a few twists. First there’s a bonus meter at the top of the screen, with a countdown timer. If players can snag the treasure again within the time limit they get major bonuses, which, according to the Sony rep, will be helpful for buying upgrades in the shop.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. The enemies get harder with each successful round, and soon start to acquire new weapons like the sniper rifle. Their fighting skills also get a lot better. Trying to heavy combo a level three bad guy resulted in him choking my character to death. Players can shoot the guy off of their teammate (but these schmucks at Comic-Con can’t aim).

If you do get shot or punched out, the character drops to a kneeling position, while a timer counts down. If a teammate can get to you in time, they’re able to revive you, kind of like in Left 4 Dead.

Sony has said the co-op multiplayer will feature teams of up to five people, and will have modes that include two of these teams, for a total of 10 players.

One last little bit of news from Comic-Con. Sony is giving out download codes to unlock Navarro as a multiplayer character. This has the potential to mean many more multilayer only characters. Jak please?

From IGN

U2 sounds like it’s shaping up to be game of the year. I didn’t think U2 needed multiplayer initially, but now I’m all for it…even if I’m just going to get shot up alot. 🙂