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PS3 to pick up famed 360 exclusive? :Updated info:

Last week I posted an unconfirmed rumor from thesixthaxis about a yet to be revealed 360 title making it’s debut on the PS3. Since then new info has come to light. From TheSixthAxis:

The announcement of Castle Crashers has sparked a whole new round of wild rumour and speculation which we feel we have to stand up and quash before it all gets even further out of hand. The exclusive we got was not in reference to any of the Microsoft-published games we’ve seen suggested, it was not Halo, Gears, Left4Dead, Splinter Cell or Mass Effect. If you want those titles then we would suggest you go and buy an Xbox360, they’re really rather good. The title we were teasing about is a niche title which we are quite looking forward to and we think some of our readers will be interested in. We are not telling you what it was because we have an agreement with the publisher and at TheSixthAxis we don’t leak but rest assured that it is not any of those huge AAA games that have been suggested. That would be ridiculous.

Now that we can rule out all the major Microsoft published titles and AAA exclusives, like Halo or L4D, and it can be catergerized as a ‘niche’ title, I’m going to say it’s an rpg. I’d rather see DOA though.