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Dead Space Trilogy and Film Adaptation Planned

For those of you interested, Electronic Arts has plans to make the video game Dead Space into a trilogy. There hasn’t been any information as to whether the games will be prequels, sequels or both, but, in any case, I’m looking forward to it because Dead Space was an awesome game, and one of the better new IPs to come out so far this generation. For those of you who have never played the game, it’s a survival horror game about a mining ship (the USG Ishimura) that went silent after sending out a distress signal, and a small group of engineers were sent to check it out. The ship had been infected by an alien virus that basically turns humans into these monsters, and it’s basically your job to find out what caused it and to get the hell out of there. The game is very gory, and involves plenty of dismemberment with mining weapons, some really cool ideas had been thrown in there as well. I definitely suggest at least renting it.

Now, as far as the movie goes, nothing has really been said about it besides the fact that it will be directed by D.J. Caruso, the guy who directed both Disturbia and Eagle Eye. Not sure if that’ll follow the storyline to the first game, or of the sequels; or just a completely different storyline altogether. If you’re interested, there is a full-length animated feature called Dead Space Downfall that is about all the stuff that went on before your character, Isaac Clarke, showed up, explaining some of the why and how from the game itself. If you have Netflix, I believe it’s still on the Watch Instantly list.