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Wipeout HD Fury Impressions

I bought this expecting standard expansion fare: a few new tracks and assorted extras. To my pleasant surprise, this is closer to a full blown sequel.


Detail Summary

  • 3 new game modes. 2 playable in online/offline multiplayer.
  • 8 new race tracks (12 if you count both forward/reverse orientations on 4 of the tracks)
  • 6 new music tracks
  • 13 new hover ship designs


What Makes it Great

  • Entirely new single player campaign mode.
  • The menus and interface screens and transitions have been redesigned. They have cooler effects and animations and are easier to use; choosing your hovership is particularly more intuitive. Even if you play the standard Wipeout HD single player campaign, you still get the new interface (you can optionally disable it as well).
  • The new race tracks add lots of new visuals and race design elements. They instantly look and feel different than the non-expansion tracks.
  • Each of the three new game modes is very distinct and probably equal to or better than the best modes from the standard Wipeout HD.
  • Did you like the dream-like neon techno visuals from Wipeout HD’s “zone” mode? Fury has lots more of these effects and they are better than ever.